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About GhScientific

GhScientific is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) based registered UK charity and non-governmental organisation in Ghana with the primary aim of building capacity in STEM through public engagement and outreach activities.

Our Focus

  • Education – To keep our audience informed in the areas of STEM while providing educational STEM resources, advise and programs for the benefit of students and the general public.
  • Professional development – Offer up to date training to students and professionals to promote career development.
  • Public Engagement – To engage scientist with the public to help the general public better understand the role of science in development whiles informing and encouraging dialogue.
  • Networking – By organising events within the scientific community to open dialogue, share and transfer knowledge.

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In the UK, we work with underrepresented communities to build and develop science capital through careers events, STEM themed trips, mentoring and hands on STEM activity days in public spaces for the community to engage with scientists.

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In Ghana, serve as the voice of the scientific community, keeping the public informed about scientific happenings. It is our aim to unify scientists at all levels in their career to work together towards the advancement of STEM in Ghana and improving science literacy of the public.

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